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MECART is an italian company that, with more than 30 years of experience in field of mechanical constructions, plans and realizes equipments and accessories for spray painting.

MECART is a modern and dinamics company with the culture of the “quality without compromises”; thank to its technical and commercial staff highly qualified, it is able to offer to the own customers full assistance before and after the sale respect the tied up problems to the treatment and the application of the painting products on any type of surface.

MECART proposes a wide range of systems and equipments realized in order to satisfy all requirements of spray painting professionals, minding to never lose sight the evolutions of the market with the purpose to guarantee to the buyers a standard in terms of quality and efficiency always elevated.

The performances, the reliability and the safety in the full respect of the norms CE / ATEX, make the equipments MECART unique in its kind, especially in virtue of an accurate selection of the materials and a precise application in the construction of particulars that happens directly
in our center. A warehouse always excellently supplied, allows us to satisfy all requirements of the market with products of highest quality to prices really competitive.

Production of equipment and accessories for spray painting